Border collie dog training doesn’t only have to be about commanding a dog to perform the usual obedience – sit, stay, down, come – you can also teach a canine tricks, such as “roll over”, “play dead” and “fetch”.   The more things a pooch can learn, the better you will stimulate his mind and keep him happy.

Fetching a frisbee is probably one of the best border collie dog training activities your pet can learn.  This is because he can release a lot of his energy and can also exercise his mind as he won’t always be able to anticipate the direction the soaring toy will take.

How can you teach this activity?  It’s very simple.  For starters you will require a disc you can throw to your dog.  You can obtain one at the local or online pet or toy store.  However, it’s a good idea to purchase a soft (I.E. cloth) frisbee instead of one made from rubber or hard plastic.  The reason being most dogs can easily destroy plastic or may damage their teeth or mouth if they catch it and it splinters, etc.  Rubber, on the other hand, might not easily break but it does not have a flavor that appeals to most canines.

Second, make sure you have a few treats and take your dog into your backyard, a dog park or an area where he is permitted to run free without disturbing others.  Then follow these border collie dog training fetching guidelines:

•    Have him sit in front of you and let him smell the flying disc but don’t allow him to have it.

•    When you have your four-legged buddy’s interest, give the command “fetch” and immediately toss the frisbee.  You don’t need to launch it a great distance; just enough that your sheepdog needs to run to claim it.

•    As soon as he runs and collects it, encourage him with praise and have him come back to you.   When he comes back trade the frisbee for a treat and more praise.

After a few of these border collie dog training exercises he’ll catch on and you’ll have a great new game to play together.  Nevertheless, do keep in mind that while your pet will love this game, try not to throw the disk too high because you don’t want your pal jumping and twisting as this can lead to serious back injuries.   Also, don’t forget that balls are also fun to fetch!