If you want a sheepdog as a pet, you need to investigate border collie breeders.  Investigating doesn’t simply mean you browse the Internet, your newspaper or the local yellow pages to find a breeder, it’s also about making sure that the person you pick is a true professional that is not only experienced at breeding dogs but is an expert on the breed and is dedicated to their wellbeing and future.

Therefore, once you find the border collie breeders that interest you, the next step is to ask them questions about their experience, knowledge and breeding program.  A professional should be able to answer all of your questions, because if they can’t, you shouldn’t be obtaining a puppy from them.

What questions should you ask?

•    How long have you been a breeder of border collies?
•    Why did you choose to breed this dog?
•    How many dogs are in your program?
•    Are you registered with the nation’s kennel club like other border collie breeders?
•    Do you own both the sire and dam?
•    What do you look for when choosing canines?
•    Do you breed champions or only family pets?
•    Does the pooch come with official papers?
•    Can I see the parents’ pedigrees of the litter?
•    Are the puppies born on the premises?
•    Do you socialize the pups or begin any training?
•    When can I bring the pup home?
•    What food do you recommend?
•    Are all of their vaccinations up-to-date?
•    Will you provide me with their health records?
•    What type of grooming is involved?
•    What hereditary illnesses should I know of and have tests been done and precautions taken to avoid these illnesses?

These are only some of the questions you can ask border collie breeders.  Be sure to make a list and have any query you can think of answered.  Moreover, do your homework and educate yourself about the border-collie so you have an idea of what answers you should expect.

Keep in mind that good breeders will willingly answer all your questions and encourage them.  They should have nothing to hide and will want you to come visit them and the liter before agreeing to adoption.  Furthermore, they will want to know a lot about you, where you live, your experience with sheep dogs and any canines in general.

Finally, know this – no decent border collie breeders will ever give one of their dogs to anyone unless they are convinced it would be in the best interest of the pooch.   Never forget, you want someone who cares not someone out to make money.